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Introduced in 1960, an MOT is the ‘Ministry of Transport’ Test, an annual test of vehicle safety that is carried out by Approved MOT Test Centres. This is a legal requirement for most cars over three years old which are being used on public roads in Great Britain. Foster & Heanes is one of about 20,000 local car repair garages who are authorised to perform testing and issue certificates.

With weather forecasters warning of snow and icy conditions spreading across the UK this weekend, it’s vital for your own safety and for the safety of others that you take extra precautions during the winter.

Here are some top tips from the Foster & Heanes team:

The condensation formed on the inside of the windscreen happens when the air is colder on outside than it is inside the car, so the moisture in the air condenses causing condensation. 

How many times have you needed to sit patiently waiting for the air con or heater to kick in and have sometimes have started out on your journey with just a small clear peeky hole to see through?  If you want to speed up demisting process, there are products on the market which can help.