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Classic Cars - Tips & Advice from Foster & Heanes

There’s no reason why you can’t still drive your soft top in winter. It’s just a case of giving it more attention during the colder months to ensure it stays in good condition.

As of 20th May 2018, most vehicles manufactured or first registered over 40 years ago will be exempt from MOT testing unless they have been substantially changed.

Minor modifications will not be affected by the new MOT rules for classic cars and this has been confirmed by the Department of Transport.

More details can be found here on what is termed as ‘substantial change’

There’s no doubt that classic cars need that extra bit of tender loving care during the winter.

You may decide to store your classic car over the coming months, or you could choose to keep it running. Whatever your preference, you’ll want to ensure it stays in peak condition during bad weather, so here are a few tips to help you keep your car in the best possible shape this winter.


Classic cars don’t look after themselves - they need a lot of TLC and maintenance. Cars are, after all, supposed to be kept moving. They are not designed to sit in storage for long periods of time and if they do, they will deteriorate. So whether you are planning on using your classic car just for the pleasure of driving it, you are planning on using it for commercial hires or you are just buying it as an investment and will be storing it for long periods, you will want to ensure it is well-maintained so it holds it value.