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Regular servicing will help to keep the car running smoothly and will reduce the likelihood of something more serious going wrong which may result in large repair bills.

Your owner’s manual will show you how frequently the manufacturer recommends a service for the make and model of your car in order to maintain optimal performance, but of course this doesn’t take into account all factors that can reduce the life of a vehicle.

As a rule of thumb, if you have a car that is more than 10 years old, it is recommended that you at least have an oil and filter change every 6 months and a service every 9,000 miles.

If you have a newer car, it is advisable to book a service every 12,000 miles or sooner if stated in the manufacturers guidelines.

Car Servicing in Fleet HampshireAs well as the amount of miles you put on the clock, did you know that how you drive will also have a huge impact on the health of your car as well as how it is stored, and the environmental conditions it has to withstand?

Driving conservatively will reduce wear and tear on your car and will make your car more fuel efficient whilst also reducing carbon emissions. If you are a driver who likes to be first away from the lights, you sit on the clutch at junctions or you tend to push it on high revs on a regular basis then your car is likely to need a bit more TLC than, lets say, a more restrained driver!

Storing your car in a garage overnight is of course the best option as it is more secure and protects the car from the natural elements, but if you don’t have the luxury of garaging your car, just be mindful on where you park up. For example, parking on a steep hill on a daily basis will put strain on the parking brake and this will increase wear on the brake pads and will over time, stretch the handbrake cable making it less effective.

Extremes of temperature are uncommon in the UK, but it is good to know your car’s limitations so you are prepared if Mother Nature whips up a blizzard or a hurricane. A fully charged lead-acid car battery can typically withstand temperatures up to -50 degrees C, but a battery on a low charge may freeze at just -1 degrees C. When a battery freezes it can cause irreparable damage.

It is wise to be mindful about how you are driving and how much TLC your car needs. Keep a mental check on a few key parts in between servicing as this will help to avoid unnecessary damage if the problem is dealt with sooner rather than later:

1. Brakes squealing or less responsive
2. Steering concerns
3. Strange noises
4. Difference in pedal pressure
5. Dashboard warning lights keep appearing

Foster & Heanes offers servicing and repair for all car makes and models. If you would like to book your car in for a service, please call 01252 615657 or visit for further information.



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