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At Foster & Heanes, we have a team of technicians who specialise in vehicle diagnostic testing.


We provide a wide range of vehicle system, electrical fault and emission diagnostic services using the latest technology.

Types of vehicle diagnostic services

There’s a whole range of diagnostic tests that can be run on your car. For a start, your vehicle will have its own inbuilt fault-finding system. Further to this, we can plug our hi-tech diagnostic software into any car and undertake a fault-finding process, usually within an hour.

At the end of the testing process, we produce a detailed report to provide you with the vital information you need. Areas of testing include:

  • Engine Diagnostics
  • Starter/Alternator Recondition
  • Car Alarms & Immobilisers
  • Airbags and ABS
  • Air Conditioning
  • Car Electrics
  • Audio

As many current cars have sophisticated self-diagnostic systems, you may be aware of the issue before you contact us. In these situations, we can confirm the diagnosis and provide a quote for any work necessary to get you back on the road.

Running engine diagnostics

To undertake an engine diagnostic test, we simply plug our machine into your car’s onboard computer, which returns diagnostic codes.

These diagnostic codes can be checked against a list of codes from the vehicle’s manufacturer. If there’s a problem, the codes displayed will indicate where the issue lies.

Our technicians can run further checks to identify the exact fault and the best way to repair it.

Checking for electrical faults

Today vehicles include a large number of electrical features, and any one of these can develop a fault.

We can check your car’s onboard computer and examine your vehicle’s electronic control unit using our diagnostic testing tools. This enables us to identify the electrical fault and assess if repair is required. Sometimes simple coding faults develop, in which case, we can reset the fault codes.

Sometimes we may need to test over a period of time to pick up on faults that the vehicle’s electronic control unit may not show up.

When should you get your car checked?

A diagnostic check isn’t something that’s only carried out when your car develops a fault, or when an engine light comes on.

You can bring your car in for a check once a year or more if you clock up high mileage or if you have a feeling that something’s not quite right.

Diagnostic testing will identify any faults and enable us to tackle the issue before it becomes a more serious and potentially expensive problem. Our team of highly skilled vehicle technicians have years of experience and have encountered most, if not all, faults at one time or another.

Following our tests, we’ll produce a detailed report that will allow us to discuss the findings with you. We can then provide a quotation and timeframe for any work that may be required.

Does your vehicle need a diagnostic system test?

Foster & Heanes offers diagnostic testing, car servicing, maintenance and repair for all makes and models of vehicles including classic and vintage cars. We can arrange free collection and delivery if you live near our Fleet or Dogmersfield service centres.



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