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At this time of year, misty windows are a frequent problem. This is because water vapour in the atmosphere condenses on cold glass.

It’s important to allow enough time to clear your vehicle’s windows completely before you drive off. It’s a legal requirement to see out of every window of your car and have a clear view of the road before driving.

If misting returns while you’re driving, you should pull over when safe and ensure the windows are clear before driving on.

Here are some tips to help you get moving safely, faster.

demist car windows

Keep your windscreen clean

A clean windscreen won’t mist up as easily as a dirty one. And there’s a trick that you can do to add a protective barrier to the windscreen.

By cleaning your windscreen with shaving foam, you create a surface layer that prevents the formation of mist. It doesn’t last long, so you do have to regularly clean your windows this way.

Put on your heater

Hot air will warm up both the car and you. But if you’re in a rush, you could start off with cold air. What this does is to allow the temperature to rise as the air dries out, avoiding filling the inside of your car with warm, wet air.

A cold blast can be followed by heat, and the air should be directed towards the windscreen. Warm air will help to dry the glass and stop water vapour from forming on the screen again.

Use your aircon

Air-conditioning isn’t just for the summer months. It can be used alongside your heaters to help keep the atmosphere dry inside your car during the winter.

If you haven’t used your aircon for a while, it may need a regas. Regularly servicing your aircon system will ensure it works to maximum effect, making it easier to demist windows.

Because air coming from the vents is dry, it helps to remove moisture. Less moisture will prevent steam from forming on the windscreen, windows and internal mirrors.

Turn on climate control or open the windows

If your car has a clever climate control system, it will probably have a setting for windscreen demisting. This setting will automatically regulate the ventilation system to efficiently demist.

If you don’t have a climate control system, opening the windows can help if there’s cold, dry air outside that will lessen the amount of water vapour inside the car. Once you’ve reduced the level of moisture inside your vehicle, you can start to warm it up using the heater.

Try a dehumidifier

Motoring shops sell small dehumidifier boxes that absorb moisture before it can form as mist on your windscreen. These are a good way of preventing your car from becoming humid to begin with.

Dehumidifiers are often used in vintage and classic car when the owner is trying to keep the interior in good condition.

Would you like us to take a look at your vehicle’s air conditioning system?

Foster & Heanes offers car servicing, maintenance and repair for all makes and models of vehicles including classic and vintage cars. We can arrange free collection and delivery if you live near our Fleet or Dogmersfield service centres. Visit our website at


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