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If you have done this once, you probably won’t ever do it again! Not only can it be a costly mistake, but it is every motorist’s worst nightmare as putting the wrong fuel in your vehicle will literally stop you in your tracks.

Mostly, people realise they have put the wrong fuel in their car either pretty soon after they start fuelling up, or when they go to replace the nozzle and realise it’s the wrong colour. If you haven’t started the vehicle, DON’T! If you have started it, then STOP THE ENGINE IMMEDIATELY. Starting your engine will mix the fuel around the engine and this will cause more damage.

wrong-fuel-articleIt is easy to be distracted when fuelling up, and over 150,000 motorists a year put the wrong fuel in their vehicles! This is such a common problem that recovery companies now employ technicians who are specially trained to assist with incorrect refuelling so they can remove the wrong fuel from your tank and you can be on your way fairly quickly, but they can only do this if you haven’t started your engine and mixed the fuel.

If you didn’t realise you had put in the wrong fuel before starting the engine, then unfortunately this means the petrol and diesel will have mixed and it is likely to cause damage to the fuel pump as well as other components which will be contaminated with different types of fuel. If the vehicle is used for a long period of time with mixed fuel, then it could damage the entire fuel system.

Foster and Heanes offer full garage services in Fleet and Dogmersfield, with the use of courtesy car, so you are not without a car whilst your is in for repair. For a quote, please call the F&H team on 01252 615657 or visit for more information.