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COVID-19 UPDATE 31/3/20 - F&H Dogmersfield will remain open however we have had to make the difficult decision to close Alfanatic, VW Autos & F&H Hester's until further notice. We have put measures in place to best try and protect our customers, staff and suppliers.

We shall also try to collect & delivery customers cars for the vulnerable & self isolating, where possible.

Please call and ask if you have any questions and queries?

Foster & Heanes is a Checkatrade Approved MOT & Garage in Fleet  Foster & Heanes - Member of Buy with Confidence Scheme

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The condensation formed on the inside of the windscreen happens when the air is colder on outside than it is inside the car, so the moisture in the air condenses causing condensation. 

How many times have you needed to sit patiently waiting for the air con or heater to kick in and have sometimes have started out on your journey with just a small clear peeky hole to see through?  If you want to speed up demisting process, there are products on the market which can help.


  • Demister Mitts which contain anti-fogging agents
  • Small 12v plugin car heaters that can attach to your dashboard
  • Dehumidifier Demister Bags that contain granules which soak up any moisture in the air


If you would like any further information or advice, please call us on 01252 615657 and we will be happy to help or visit www.fosterandheanesltd.co.uk