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With weather forecasters warning of snow and icy conditions spreading across the UK this weekend, it’s vital for your own safety and for the safety of others that you take extra precautions during the winter.

Here are some top tips from the Foster & Heanes team:

1. Avoid running your heaters for long periods as it is a draining resource on the car’s battery. Once the heaters have cleared the windscreen, rear window and wing mirrors, reduce the speed of the fan and switch off the rear window & wing mirror heater.


2. Put your car on trickle charge overnight if it has been stationary for a few days in cold weather, this will help to revive the battery.

3. A squealing sound as soon as you start the engine, or engine overheating after a few miles are signs that water has frozen. Antifreeze will prevent the water in the radiator and pump from freezing. Most modern cars use long-life anti-freeze, but it’s advisable to read your handbook to check on which type of anti-freeze to use and when it may need replacing.

4. Keeping your windscreen clear on damp, cold days can be a challenge. There are various products available on the market that can help de-mist windscreens such as Demister Mitts which contain anti-fogging agents and dehumidifier demister bags that contain granules which soak up any moisture in the air. Use of air con over the winter months is an effective way of quickly demisting your windscreen. If you notice your windscreen is misting up all the time, check your air filters as blocked filters can cause this too.

5. Top up your windscreen washer fluid to help keep your windscreen clear at all times.

6. If you need to clear the car of snow, ensure all snow is removed from glass surfaces and lights first and foremost.

7. Tyre tread should be at least 3mm for winter driving. Check your tyre tread and ensure you have a usable spare tyre for emergencies. Tyres with a higher silica content helps prevent the tread hardening at low temperatures, so if the forecast is for a prolonged spell of cold winter weather, it is advisable to consider changing to winter or all-season tyres.

8. If your door locks are frozen, gently warm your key by heating it on a gas stove or with a cigarette lighter – this is the quickest and most effective way of melting the ice in a lock.

If you would like us to check your car is ready for winter, please call 01252 615657 or visit Foster & Heanes website for further information on the services we offer.




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