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Car Maintenance Tips & Advice from Foster & Heanes

All cars make noises from time to time – but when you hear an odd knocking noise coming from your vehicle, should you take it seriously?

First, check to see that it’s not some random object rolling around in the car. We’ve all been alarmed to hear something rattling at the back only to find it’s a discarded child’s toy under the seat!

Giving the car interior a good spruce-up is a chore for many, and often a job that gets left until you can’t bare the crumbs of food, clogs of mud and rubbish in the door pockets any longer. People often say, you can tell a lot about a person by the type of car they drive, and the condition they keep it in. Probably best not to dwell on that point for too long!

Did you know you can be fined for incorrect use of lights whilst driving?

Of course, we all know to turn on our headlights when its night-time, but so often we see motorists driving in low visibility conditions without any lights on at all. There are rules for when conditions require the use of lights, be it headlights, side lights, registration plate lights, fog lights, hazard lights or brake lights.

No sooner have we got our tables and chairs out in the garden enjoying a bit of warm sunshine and it seems we are packing them away again! Central heating is back on, spiders are out in force, geese have flown South – and the car windows are misted up. Winter has arrived!