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Car Maintenance Tips & Advice from Foster & Heanes


Most cars now have air conditioning, but how many of us service our air-cons regularly?

With regular maintenance, your air-con will stay refreshed and operate at a consistent level. But if you ignore it, it will start to lose its efficiency. If you find the air coming from your vents if not as cool as it once was or the temperature in the car stays the same when the air-con is turned off, it’s probably time to re-gas the system.

All vehicles registered in the UK and being driven on public roads must be taxed – and if you’re not using your vehicle, you should either send a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) to DVLA to let them know your car’s not currently on the road or carry on taxing it.

The majority of cars nowadays are sold without a full-size spare wheel. Instead, they may be fitted with a ‘space saver’ wheel, which is a smaller version of your car’s wheel and tyre or a tyre inflator kit to enable you to continue driving to the nearest garage to get a replacement tyre.

Many drivers turn off their air-con over the winter months. However, there are many good reasons for keeping your car’s air-con switched on.